The Studio


1. a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. works.
"mostly the painting is done in the studio, working from drawings"
I've been thinking about my little space a lot lately and how grateful I am for it and how well it has served me and been a comfortable space for others.

I also realized that I haven't shed enough light on it!
A few years ago, this little space was just an idea and in shambles. Over a few months, with hard work, and help from friends- it was transformed into a tiny little expression of art. I wanted something that was out of the norm, fit my style, and felt like a home!

    I love shooting 1960's/70's looks- channeling the amazing Bettie Page, Bridgette Bardot, and many other classic icons! We've photo'd everything from Mad-Men inspired looks to 70's psychedelic roller-skate sessions here! Our Mid-Century living area space is versatile and can be completely changed around or moved, even for different sets and paper backdrops if needed!

    The bedroom, where most of the boudoir/intimate sessions are created - has seen sessions inspired by the 20's - 70's! I also love to photographer more modern sessions in this vintage inspired setting! I've seen many women transform the way they see themselves in this room and it's absolute magic!

    Our retro kitchen is perfect for classic and cheesecake pinup! This is also a great space for best friend sessions! The Formica countertops and cabinets are original to the space! I absolutely LOVE dressing this set up for Christmas and Valentines! Some of our most vivid and fun images are shot in this space!

    I'm so in love with our little dressing room! This is where you gals go first to sit with Megan for hair & makeup! There's vintage lingerie/clothing here ranging from the 20's-early 90's and even some contemporary, modern pieces! Our wardrobe spans a wide variety of sizes! I'm a huge fan of glitzy costume jewelry and house quiet a bit of it for you all to choose from to wear!! We have vintage hats, purses, glasses, and other accessories as well! I wanted this room to feel like a burlesque dressing room and we're adding to it constantly!!

Meet, Louise!! Louise is my remodeled, quaint, little 1963 Vintage Trailer that Trashy Betty calls home!