Q- What are your rates?
A- Check out the "BOOK YOUR SHOOT" tab at the top of the page on WWW.TRASHYBETTY.COM! If you have any further questions or don't see what you're looking for, feel free to email us at trashybetty@yahoo.com!

Q- Do you provide wardrobe?
A- We do have a variety of wardrobe and are working on this all the time! I add things every week, if not every day lately! If I don't have something for you, I can definitely point you in the right direction as far as shopping or obtaining wardrobe for a shoot! I want you to get the most "bang for your buck"!  I do have a nice vintage Lady Buxton that is FULL of vintage jewelry, as well as vintage train cases FULL of hair accessories! I also have lots of vintage lingerie anywhere from small sizing to larger plus sizing! And, on the note of plus size.....

Q- Do you photograph plus-size women?
A- Hell Yes!!! Being a plus-size gal myself, I'm seasoned in posing and flattering your figure! Come see me fellow plus size gals, let me show you how beautiful you are!

Q-Are all photos posted online for others to see?
A- No, we respect your privacy! If you don't want anyone to ever know you photographed in your skivvies, they won't unless you tell them!  However, if possible - I like to choose one or more photo(s) from your set to be posted online so other gals can see first hand what we do at Trashy Betty Photography!!! You could be a huge inspiration to someone who's not quiet courageous enough for this, you never know!  The rest of your photos are posted in a beautiful, private, online gallery!

Q-Can someone else photograph me while we're shooting? (Ex: Another person photographing me photo'ing you... or phone cameras...)
A- No Outside cameras.. Cell phones "selfies" are just fine & encouraged! Tell the WORLD how beautiful you look & feel! :) Outside cameras can sometimes be a distraction to you and me - IF you are an established model, blogger, etc. - and want your experience recorded- please let me know and we can make an arrangement! I know a pretty amazing videographer and also a second shooter!

Q- Is there anyone in the room with me when I'm photographing boudoir?
A- No, just you and I. Unless, you absolutely want someone in the room with you, we try to keep it to this minimum unless the other person or people is/are being photographed!

Q- Should I tan, lay in the sun, or spray-tan before my shoot?

A- Please Don't! Often, tans can bring out red tones in skin and spray tanning tends to make your skin look orange in camera! Please also be mindful of all those rays you're catching before your shoot! 

Q- May I bring a guest, a friend, or my child to my shoot?
A- Unless you've booked a Mommy&Me pin-up shoot or a Kids shoot, Please refrain from bringing guests with you unless you run this by one of us prior. Please refrain from bringing your children. I LOVE children, and have 3 of my own, but, this is an experience for YOU! Thank you for understanding!

Q-Alcohol. May we bring wine, or other alcoholic beverages to our shoot?
A- I'm sorry, but, no! We are definitely concerned about your safety after you leave us & don't want your face red from alcohol during your shoot!

Q- Deposits.
A- Deposits are in place for a reason. We charge a deposit to hold your spot on our calendar. Do understand that if you didn't pay a deposit, and you didn't show up for some reason- we have lost an appointment that could have been given to someone else. Time is precious, we can't get it back! Deposits are non-refundable, HOWEVER, your deposit may be used to re-book within 2 months of making it if you have an unforeseen circumstance, give us notice at least 3 days before your appointment, and must cancel! You may also only make one cancellation... if you cancel twice on one deposit, it is null and void!  Deposits are also non-transferable. This causes confusion for everyone and we like to keep things simple, smooth, and affordable!

Q- Can I use unedited photos?
A- You have access to your unedited photos to be able to choose if you'd like more edited images!  We give edited images with your packages and extra edits are available to purchase if you'd like more!!! These photos aren't only a reflection of you, they're a reflection of us, and I like to give them the perfect "T-Betty Touch" before they're shared and put out for the world to see!! Thank you for respecting this!

Q- May I edit or crop my own photos??
A- NO! You may not edit or crop your own photos, however, I have no problem editing more (than those that come with your package)!  Please message me in reference to this! Again, these are not only a reflection of you, but a reflection of Trashy Betty as well!

Q- After my shoot, when will I see/receive my photos?
A- After your shoot, I will proof & retouch the images that come with your package! Turnaround time is normally 3-4 weeks, and 5-6 during busy seasons for edited images! If you'd like your photos by a certain date, please discuss this before shooting, and also we can expedite them for a fee. Please message in reference to this for details!

Q- Trashy Who? How did Trashy Betty get its name? 
A-This is a question I'm asked often, and chances are if you've shot with me and don't know me personally- you've heard about it. But, for those of you who haven't.... 
Contrary to popular belief, T Betty didn't get it's name from photographing scantily clad women or bare-chested pin-ups. Several years ago, I made jewelry out of recycled products aka trash. I al
so made hair accessories, ornaments, and various other crafts, lots of times using these recycled materials. I often photographed them on my friends after attempting (and I say attempting b/c I've not always been as seasoned as I am now) their hair & makeup in retro & vintage styles!
When I was a little girl, my granny carried her cameras everywhere, and took a photo of everyone - especially the babies! I always loved having film & cameras as a child, and especially loved when my mother agreed to buy me a roll of black and white!
Today, with the help of Nicole in the technical areas, I style, and makeover almost all of the guys/gals you see here! We owe so many thank you's to so many people!

(I'll be adding to these as I get them)

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