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What Ashton thought was going to be a simple couples shoot turned into much, much more! I can NOT WAIT to tell the rest of this love story! 

xo TBetty

"You will find happiness and beauty just lingering in their shadows."

The bond this Mother and her 2 daughters have is indescribable. When Lisa contacted me and told me she wanted to book a session for the three of them, I knew immediately that it'd be magical. I loved the amazing, positive things they had to say about each other! This shoot was the most fun! I'm so appreciative they chose us to capture these memories for them!

" Both my mom and my sister are a huge part of my life and I couldn’t imagine going through it without them."-April

" The love I have for these two ladies is beyond this world. They have made my life amazing and I thank them for it!" -Ande

"OMG, I am their mama! Just look at em', They are Perfect. My Girls , My Princesses, My best friends. My heart beat. They are my everything. I am so thankful and Blessed. When you set out to raise Daughters you want to shield and protect them from everything. You Pray they will be strong willed independent Women, You second guess everything in hopes you are doing right by them. With these two, I am just in Awe. They are everything any woman would ever aspire to be. How did I ever live without them. So if you are honored to know them , be friends with them , follow their example. You will find happiness and beauty just lingering in their shadows." -Lisa

xo TBetty

Special Thanks to J-Rap Restorations

(From left: Ande, Lisa, April)

A Day In My Life..

I wouldn't trade a thing for this crazy life of mine! I'm grateful for every moment of it, especially that extra 20 minutes I have to photograph one of my girls after dropping another off at practice! It's rare that these sorts of things happen around here, but, I feel as if I owe it to them, and to myself! I also feel it's selfish to keep these moments to myself when I can share them with all of you! 

Priscilla will be 3 this year and to my surprise, no ones found a way to slow time just yet! I'm soaking up every minute of sunshine and love I can. 

xo TBetty

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