About Me

{I had to create a world of my own, like a climate, a country, an atmosphere in which I could breath, reign, and re-create myself when destroyed by living. That, I believe, is the reason for every work of art.} - Anais Nin

- I'm the most indecisive person you'll ever meet. I'm over-excited about EVERYTHING.
- My hobbies include gardening, spending time with my family, thrift shopping, & flea markets!
-When I was younger, I had a slight obsession with editing my friends, and my photos with Gawd-awful filters on PicMonkey & other online editing programs.
- My reading tastes are night & day. I'm a sucker for juvenile literature. Some of my favorites are the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull & of course anything Harry Potter! I also love reading classic short stories by Flannery O'Connor, Anais Nin, etc. My favorite living authors are Ron Rash & Donald Ray Pollock.
-I have 3 Daughters who are my world. I had my first when I was just 2 years older than she is now, and wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world! We grew up together; she taught me about love & life as well as what's most important in this crazy world! My second daughter is my absolute mini-me and as dreamy and flighty as I've ever been! My sweet toddler likes to be referred to as "Queen Prissy"... need I say more?

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