Brandy + Eric | Anderson, SC Engagement Session

It all started with a gym crush. 

Brandy & Eric frequented the same gym where Brandy first noticed how adorable Eric was.
'Swooon '  ..
 They attended a wedding of mutual friends, caught eachothers eyes, and conversated a bit there! Brandy was so excited! Coincidentally (or not-wink wink), Brandy had been having repetitive bad dreams before this night, and they ceased after the first simple exchange of words with Eric. In exchange, her dreams moved from drowning to seeing Eric sitting on a concrete stoop, sobbing.

Brandy knew this meant something greater and her honest concern grew for Eric.

 Brandy asked him how he was, and eventually invited him to a New Year's Eve Party- which he declined to spend with his brother who was in town. Brandy was sad, but, not defeated - because, the story doesn't end there guys!

Eric caught up with Brandy to make it up to her by surprising his would-be fiance with an evening of exploring, dinner, and billiards! The rest is history, folks! These two were meant to find eachother!

Ahhhhh, I love LOVE!

" I always tell him he is my most surprising, treasured adventure. " - Brandy

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