Rhonda + Jason | Anderson, SC Engagement Session

The morning I met Jason & Rhonda, I knew that their story would be one I wouldn't forget! They couldn't take their eyes off each other during the entire session! To say that these two souls were created for one another is an understatement!

Rhonda & Jason met in Seneca, SC on a night out with mutual friends on 11-11-11. (Fate right? I know!!) Jason was home for a short leave from S. Korea. He says he still remembers the moment Rhonda walked in and just couldn't believe his eyes! Even though their mutual friends social efforts weren't to bring them together that night, they were emotionally inseparable from that moment on.

A few months later, Rhonda would fly to S. Korea to visit Jason. She then flew twice to Europe after he was stationed there. In August, 2012, Jason flew Rhonda to Belgium where they would take a road trip from Brussels to Paris, Paris to Germany, and from Germany back to Belgium. On August 7, 2012, almost one year after they first met, Jason timed his proposal perfectly. I'll never forget how excited he was while telling me how he planned to tour and then be beneath the Eiffel tower just seconds before proposing so that the lights would twinkle and gleam as he put a ring on Rhonda's finger and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him! Rhonda was beaming as she told me it was like a dream! She said YES!

Jason told me that this amazing angel has changed his world forever and that her beauty stunned him from across the room the moment he laid eyes on her! { swoooooon } 
I can't wait to continue telling this love story on April 30th, 2017! Save the date! 

....and they'll live happily ever after!....

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