Megan & Josh Family Maternity | Anderson SC Photographer

We are so very excited to meet Baby Miles! He should be here any day now! 
xo TBetty

I spent the early years of my childhood in Fair Play, SC. We lived halfway between Fair Play & Townville! If you're reading this and live within a 30 mile radius of Fair Play... I'm sure you will read in this little gals voice, especially if you know where "Double Spranngggss" is!

My precious friend & client's daughter asked to ride with me to this maternity session- this is how our conversation went:
Emerson (the sweet little girl in the photos below): "You ever been dumped before"? 
Me: ? Dumped? 
Emerson: "Yea..You ever been to Double Sprannggss??You ever met Preacher Kyle? He would LOVE to dump you." ..... " He'll dump your husband too.... and your kids." .... "It's fun- you just gotta hold your nose."

As we were getting our things out of the car at the location, I relayed our conversation and her Mama said.... "She's been baptizing her 2 year old brother in the bathtub all week... water bills gonna be $5000.00"
Yau'll - I seriously lost it! Can I just keep this kid.. seriously... I need one more, right?? Gosh, I love these people! This is where I came from , and I wouldn't take a THING for it!

     Hair: Dollface Salon


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