My Happy Place..

Hi guys! I wanted to share a little before/after with all of you of my office space. I needed somewhere that was away from everyone else, and away from toddler hands! So, we turned our small dining room into my office area! Our vintage formica top table now sits in our den area, thanks to my pal Heidi Lou! ............

The desk is a very lucky thrift find! It's a Norman Bel Geddes industrial, metal piece! I'd love to have a couple of the smaller tables that went with this set. I've got my eye out for them now, hehe! I do have a couple matching wall cabinets that I picked up on a picking trip with our pal, John. As soon as these are soda-blasted, and painted, I believe we'll put atleast one in the office area! The shelf on the left is IKEA, and the large metal kitchen cabinet on the right I got from Southern Roots here in Anderson, SC! It holds my Blue Heaven dishware & bakeware as well as a few other vintage pieces and even a couple little, dirty, naked kewpie babies, as you see! I've cleaned the inside but, haven't had time to paint it just yet!

The walls were super dark 1970's paneling which we painted right over with a Valspar paint+primer in Moonbeam!  I will be repainting the walls eventually after installing new windows, and will most likely stay with this color! In the mornings, it gives off a foggy hue due to the blue-tones!

Believe it or not, these are plywood floors! We actually bought sheets of plywood, & cut them down to 8in. wide strips! After sanding, we sealed/painted the floor with an oil-based indoor/outdoor paint that the associate in the paint department recommended. I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER use oil-base paint on my walls or floors... EVER AGAIN! Even with ventilation and other measures, the fumes were unbearable! It took triple the time to dry as well! I do love my floors, but, wanted them a bit more weathered. We've decided that when we install the kitchen floors, we're going to sand the office & re-seal with a clear, matte polyurethane so that it will have a white-washed, weathered look that will be easy to keep clean!

The best part about the whole office re-do is that we did it "on a dime"! The entire remodel cost under $300 - including the flooring, desk, as well as the IKEA trip!

I can't wait to finish our entire home! At the moment, we're working on Miss Prissy's room, and almost finished with our larger bathroom! Next, we'll be flooring & painting in the den & living room! 


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