Ghosts, Mediums, and Communicating with the Dead...

 "The "strangeness," however, which I found in the eyes was of a nature distinct from the formation, or the color, or the brilliancy of the features, and must, after all, be referred to the expression. Ah, word of no meaning! behind whose vast latitude of mere sound we entrench our ignorance of so much of the spiritual. The expression of the eyes of Ligeia! How for long hours have I pondered upon it! How have I, through the whole of a midsummer night, struggled to fathom it! What was it-that something more profound than the well of Democritus-which lay far within the pupils of my beloved? What was it? I was possessed with a passion to discover. Those eyes! those large, those shining, those divine orbs! they became to me twin stars of Leda, and I to them devoutest of astrologers." - Edgar Allen Poe

My daughter, Avi, is OBSESSED with ghost stories, old horror films, and anything Halloween related! This year, she wants to be a 'Victorian Ghost' for Halloween! 

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