We Can Do It!

Meet Kelsey, the most beautiful 6 yr. old I know! After losing large amounts of her hair, she decided she wanted to have the rest of her head shaved, and wasn't feeling so "pretty". Her sweet aunt Katie (a dear friend of mine) contacted us, and we were happy to help!
Kelsey is full of life, energy, & happiness. She loves exploring, and playing with her siblings! She also loves making people laugh! She tells everyone that the reason she was born is to make people laugh! Her smile lights up the room!
She's in 1st grade this year & absolutely loves school! Her step-mother says that she's never met a stranger!
Kelsey was diagnosed with Infantile Fibrosarcoma & is undergoing chemotherapy. She's in her 3rd round of will start her 4th on Thursday. After 2 more rounds, she will be undergoing surgery to remove the tumor in her arm and hopefully be on the road to ending this battle.
Her family tells me that she is a strong, brave fighter and has taken this battle head on!
YOU CAN DO IT, babe!
xo Trashy Betty Photography
Mu by Alaina Dollface
P.S. - Kelsey's family would just like to share her story in order to raise awareness of this rare, nasty cancer, and they'd also like your thoughts and prayers for Kelsey! Thank you all! xo

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