Just a little update...

Good Morning! 💜 There are a few things I'd like to say/address very quickly and then, I'm back to catching up on editing/uploading/emails/phone calls/messages/etc.!
-Get ready, this is a long one.- (apologizing ahead of time)
* First, the love and support for Kelsey (gorgeous little gal in my previous post) has left us all in awe! As of last night, Kelsey's image had reached over 20,000 people! Many people shared her story to help raise sarcoma awareness! I personally want to thank each and everyone of you. I posted her image, walked away from my computer for an hour, came back and my jaw literally dropped at the response to Kelsey and her battle! Thank you all so much for the thoughts & prayers that were sent and are continuing to be sent her way! 💜
* Second, I have been very very busy lately (a good problem to have, thanks to all of you amazing guys/gals), and spots are filling up quickly for October and beyond. If you're looking to shoot boudoir, I am now booking for November. GALS: If you are planning on giving your guys/significant other images/books/etc. of your gorgeous selves for the holidays- I suggest you book for no later than the end of November! Ex.: If you message me on July 29th and tell me that you would like to book a spot in order to give your images as gifts for your anniversary on August 5th, I am very sorry to say, I will most likely not be able to help you unless you are content with an unedited disk of your images, (and only in cases where I've had a last-minute cancellation, would I be happy to oblige).
* Holiday shoots: I've had several people message and email in reference to holiday special sessions we will be holding! In response to those: We are now pinning dates and will be posting very soon for holiday family/couples/children's sessions as well as a few more surprises heart emoticon ! You will then have the chance to reserve your spot, and remember - first come, first serve! I only have so many available days to hold specials like this during the holidays and spots go fast! I will be taking an extra week this year to spend with my family. I'm not getting any younger, and neither are my daughters! heart emoticon
* Senior Sessions: I have one spot left for August & I have a few weekday evening and a couple weekend spots left for senior sessions in September Alaina Dollface & I work closely on these sessions to compliment you, your interests, and have you walk away seeing yourself in a whole new light! heart emoticon
*Emails/Messages/Etc: I have made some callbacks at the beginning of the week, and I have a very long list to complete. I do realize that there are many unanswered messages in my inbox from Tuesday evening, yesterday, and even this morning! There is only one me, babes- and I'm working very hard to get with each and everyone of you! Thank you so much for being so patient! I couldn't ask for better clients/supporters!
With that being said- THANK YOU ALL for riding it out on this journey with me! It's been a long road with its ups & downs, the goods and bad, and the absolute greats! I am so thankful for the chance that you've all given me to capture your beauty, your families beauty, your children's & loved one's beauty, and these very priceless memories of yours... I'm looking forward to many more to come!
Thank you for reading this extremely long post and I hope you all enjoy your day! If you have any questions or need booking info- please email trashybetty@yahoo.com !

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